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Who is Icy Fire? is owned and operated by Sound Express. We are a team of young professionals who are passionate about event and wedding entertainment and our sole mission is to provide unrivalled service to our clients at the most competitive prices.

Are the technicians operating the fireworks licensed? 

Absolutely, all of our independent technicians are authorised, registered and insured pyrotechnicians who take the utmost care when operating the equipment.

Does Icyfire have all the relevant insurance to operate fireworks in NSW? 

Yes! Our independent senior pyrotechnicians hold all of the relevant insurances with $20 million public liability cover, all bookings are lodged through workcover, council, police and fire departments.

Do I have to notify my venue? 

You sure do, you should be working closely with your event or wedding coordinator regarding all aspects of your wedding. You definitely need to let your venue know about the fireworks & dry ice you have booked with us. Additionally our senior pyrotechnicians will always reach out to the venue prior to the wedding date to make sure they are aware of any rules that may apply.

Does the venue need to give me permission to allow fireworks on-site? 

Yes, permission always needs to be granted by your venue to allow fireworks to be operated on-site. 

Are there any additional costs other than the price on the site?

There are no additional costs from us. A small percentage of venues may charge an isolation fee to switch off their smoke detectors to allow external vendors to conduct fireworks on their premises (some of them do this as they want to keep this service with their in-house supplier) this is up to you to check with your co-ordinator as we don’t accept refunds on this basis.

How easy is it to book? 

Super easy! Our website is very user friendly with only a few clicks to secure your fireworks or Dry ice for your magical day.

What happens once I book? 

One of our friendly team members will be in touch with you to double check your wedding details and confirm your booking. We will require a runsheet one week before the wedding.

Do you accept refunds?  

Once you have agreed to our terms and conditions and the payment is processed we won’t be able to issue any refunds, so please speak to your venue to make sure fireworks are allowed before booking with us.

What if I need to cancel or postpone my wedding

Although we don’t accept refunds, we do however allow unlimited postponements, so if for any reason your wedding is postponed we are happy to accommodate a new date of your choice if available.